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The practice of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Australia and New Zealand is very similar to that within other comparable health systems around the world, such as the UK, Ireland or Canada.

Given the large landmass of Australia and New Zealand compared to the relatively small population densities, there are many areas outside of the capital cities that still require full obstetric services. Whilst some of these areas are serviced by the metropolitan facilities, there are many rural services that operate from regional bases and cover large areas of remote communities.

Obstetrics practice in the public health sectors in Australia and New Zealand usually consists of hospital based labour (maternity) wards where midwives sometimes facilitate uncomplicated deliveries without doctor involvement.

Private practice in Australia and New Zealand is a Consultant-led service with patients being under the direct care of a Consultant Obstetrician who oversees antenatal, peri-partum and post-natal care. In-vitro fertilisation is widely available in Australasia through private Obstetricians where teams of Consultants work together to provide a holistic service from conception to delivery.

Gynaecology practice is generally very similar to other first class health system countries, with Gynaecologists often splitting their time between outpatient clinics and elective surgery lists. In addition to this, there is often a requirement for some on-call work where Gynaecological emergencies are attended to.

There are many wonderful opportunities to develop, extend or expand on your Obstetrics and Gynaecology work experience in Australia or New Zealand, with an exciting range of permanent and locum jobs available to suit a variety of doctors.


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