General Practice


IMR LocumBank has an extensive network of fully vetted General Practice doctors seeking permanent and locum jobs in Australia and New Zealand, including doctors with experience in:

  • Adult General Practice

  • Family Medicine

  • Obstetric Services

  • Emergency Department Sessions

  • Minor Surgical Operations

  • Anaesthetics

  • Home Visits

  • After Hours Services

  • Skin Care Clinics

  • Indigenous Health

  • Tropical Medicine

  • Rural and Remote Medicine

When you submit a job vacancy to us, we will advertise your role both to suitably qualified candidates on our database internally, and to a large network of medical-related job boards externally.


IMR LocumBank are experts in the assessment and regulatory processes required for overseas trained General Practice doctors, including:


  • There are a number of ways to search for an appropriate role. We recommend building a strong relationship with an experienced medical recruitment agency, such as IMR LocumBank, where you have access to the best opportunities to suit your specific requirements, as well as one-on-one support for any required regulatory processes.

    How do I find a job in Australia or New Zealand?,

  • The duration of the process can vary greatly dependent on a number of things including your specialty, seniority and current location. If you are in International Medical Graduate, you should be prepared to allow a number of months, taking into account job sourcing, interviews and relocation process.

    How long does the recruitment process take?,

  • ​If an application is successful, employers will usually proceed first with a telephone interview, after which they may be in a position to offer you employment.Once you have accepted a job offer, you will need to complete regulatory processes that can include applications for primary source verification, specialty medical college assessment, registration/licensing, and an appropriate work visa. These processes can be quite time consuming, and are far easier to navigate when using an experienced recruitment agency.

    How does the recruitment process work?,

  • ​Some agencies will charge you for various services, and this is something you should certainly be wary of prior to signing up. IMR LocumBank’s services are free of charge and we pride ourselves on knowing that every International Medical Graduate we place is paid the exact same rates as their Australasian colleagues. We never take a percentage of your salary and we try to negotiate the best package for you every time.

    Does using a medical recruitment agency cost anything?,

  • ​You are able to register with more than one agency, but it does not necessarily improve your job prospects. Experienced agencies like IMR LocumBank will be able to represent you for all roles that are available, and therefore registering with multiple agencies can often serve to cause confusion.

    Does registering with more than one medical recruitment agency improve my chances?,

  • ​Relocation packages are generally offered by employers based on the seniority and/or location of the role. IMR LocumBank will negotiate the best package possible for your role.

    Will my employer pay for my relocation costs?,