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Emergency Medicine


Permanent and locum Emergency Medicine jobs in Australia and New Zealand offer an enormous amount of options, due to consistently high demand for doctors. The Emergency Department (ED) plays an important role in both countries, where doctors not only resuscitate arrests and treat trauma and injuries, but are also responsible for stabilising all critically ill medical admissions.

The vast size and low population density throughout Australia and New Zealand means that the large EDs in the cities tend to service a large catchment area encompassing outlying rural and/or regional areas.

This also means that major trauma occurring in areas outside the city limits often requires a medical escort to 'retrieve' a patient from the scene of the accident. Retrieval services can also function as means to transfer a critically injured patient from a small community hospital to a tertiary centre for advanced management.

With Australasian EDs playing a critical role in the medical system, Emergency Departments are great places for junior doctors to acquire knowledge and skills required in the management of airway emergencies, cardiac arrests, shock, trauma and medical emergencies.

Being a high demand specialty, numerous positions are available at all levels.


  • Hospital-based Emergency Medicine

  • Adult and Paediatric Emergency Medicine

  • Trauma Services

  • Rural Emergency Medicine

  • Emergency Retrieval Services

IMR LocumBank are experts in the assessment and regulatory processes required for overseas trained Emergency Medicine doctors, including:

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